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Hey, look! Full-size systems from Asus

Asus shows off its Ares Gaming PC and G70 laptop at Computex.

Lest you be mistaken, Asus makes full-size systems, too. In addition to introducing its Eee Box SFF PC at Computex today along with adding WiMAX to its Eee PC minilaptop, Asus had its first gaming desktop on display along with its G70 gaming laptop.

Ready for war: the Asus Ares Gaming PC. Asus

The Ares Gaming PC serves up the expected high-end components, including an Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, and support for either Nvidia Quad SLI or ATI CrossfireX graphics. It'll carry up to 4TB of drive space and keeps all its parts running smoothly with a liquid-cooling system. As for the case itself, Asus claims the design "draws upon ancient and modern armor concepts from both Eastern and Western cultures for a uniquely designed upper faceplate." I'd say it looks vaguely similar to Alienware's tried-and-true design. Though the Ares was seen earlier this year at CeBIT, Asus still isn't talking price or availability; I'll update this post should my query to Asus be met with any concrete figures or dates.

The Asus G70's secondary display must be located above the keyboard. Asus

The Asus G70 desktop is a Noah's Ark of a laptop, including dual-core Core 2 Duo or Extreme CPU, dual Nvidia GeForce 8700M GT graphics cards, and two 320GB hard drives. Continuing this theme is a dual-screen setup, a dual-mode touchpad that offers media controls, two cooling fans, and double the number of stereo speakers for a total of four. About the dual screens: The primary display is your typical 17-inch 1,920x1,200 affair, which is paired with a secondary display that lets you monitor system status and e-mail without leaving Liberty City. Asus had other G series laptops at Computex--the G50 and the G71--that will offer GeForce 9700M GT graphics when they're released in Q3.

The G70's touchpad mouses, scrolls, plays, and pauses. Asus