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Hey, look at the map once in a while!



Hey, look at the map once in a while!

In response to the April 19 Reuters article "Vice President Cheney: No Net taxes":

I just thought you might want to look again at the Vice President Cheney story and grasp that Northern Virginia is not a suburb. With 2 million people, two-thirds of whom work within Northern Virginia, we have become our own urban area. Eighty percent of the net new jobs in Greater Washington in the last 10 years were created in Northern Virginia. One-third of those jobs have been created by the tech industry. Northern Virginia is now about 42 percent of the gross regional product for Greater Washington and about 42 percent of the gross state product of Virginia, and so is the center of both economies, regardless of what the old geography suggests.

And don't let the tired SMSA designations of the Commerce Department keep you from seeing what is happening with our dynamic group of counties (Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun), cities (Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church) and towns (Reston, Herndon, Manassas, Leesburg). Really, we should refer to the region as Greater Northern Virginia.

Douglas Koelemay
Senior Adviser
Northern Virginia Technology Council
McLean, Va.