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Hey, answer your ski glove, already!

Winter sports glove incorporates a Bluetooth-adaptable cell phone.

g.cell gloves

If you're snowboarding and your wrist starts to vibrate, let's hope it's an incoming call on your g.cell glove and not a muscle spasm caused by that run-in with a tree you just had.

Swany's g.cell incorporates a fully integrated Bluetooth-adaptable cell phone in an insulated water-repellent glove for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

As mentioned above, incoming calls announce themselves via vibrating wrist action, and you push a button on the back of your hand to answer. A voice-command dial system lets you call out, with a speaker and listening device integrated into the palm and thumb areas of the glove.

Swany says the phone will last for 12 hours on standby, with 4 hours of talk time, making it a potentially useful gadget for those who find themselves stranded in the snow or in need of emergency assistance.

The g.cell is set to show up around the holidays for a suggested retail price of $495. Also suggested (by us at least): not calling your friends while barreling down the mountain.


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