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Hermes iPad 2 cases cost more than the iPads

Would you consider paying a heart-stopping $1,400 for an iPad case? Well, OK, but it is leather.

Hermes iPad 3 cases

One of the surest signs that an electronic product is successfully moving into the lifestyle of the rich and famous is that high-fashion brands start making accessories for it. French luxury brand Hermes is cashing in on the popularity of the iPad 2 with cases that cost more than the tablet itself.

The Hermes Swift (left) is a slipcase made from calfskin leather that costs a whopping $820. It comes in 10 different colors. The Hermes Station (right) is a book-style cover, made from the same material as the Swift, that doubles as a stand. Available in four colors, the Hermes Station retails at a heart-stopping $1,400.

The two cases are available from Hermes stores and, we suspect, are easier to get than the tablet itself.

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)