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Here's what Samsung's iWatch rival could look like

A new mock-up shows what the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch could look like.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Gear could look like. The mock-up above shows what we could expect from the hotly-anticipated smart watch that talks to your Android phone.

The rumoured wrist-worn smart device is tipped to run a cut-down version of Android on a small curved screen that displays alerts and messages, so you don't have to get your phone out of your pocket every five seconds.

The mock-up render shows how the curved screen is secured to your wrist with a traditional watch band, which could be customised to different colours.

With Apple's much-rumoured iWatch still said to be a year away, Samsung is happily gobbling up trademarks and patents related to the smart watch. Discount site Voucher Codes Pro created renders of the potential Samsung smart watch based on a recently unearthed patent detailing the possible design.

Samsung's wrist-worn wonder could be less than a month away, with rumours circulating the Galaxy smart watch will make its debut alongside the Galaxy Note 3 on 4 September.

Meanwhile Microsoft, Google and others are also said to be developing their own take on the iWatch, as wearable technology looks set to be the next front in the war of smart phones and mobile devices.

Would you wear a smart watch? Has Samsung clocked the future of smart phones, or is all this a waste of time? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.