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Here's what Bill Gates thinks it means to be human

In a video for the Big History Project video contest, Gates shares his insights on how humanity is unique from all other life on Earth.

What does it mean to be human? It's a simple question, really -- after all, we are human, so we surely know what being human is all about -- but it's one that has been asked, answered and re-answered by philosophers and scholars for thousands of years.

In a video posted to the Gates Notes YouTube channel on Tuesday, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates gives his answer to the question.

To Gates, what sets us apart as a species is how deeply social we are. We've learned to meaningfully pass knowledge on from generation to generation, and as a result each generation builds on the one before it to further the advancement of our species with better tools and a deeper understanding of the world.

The video is part of an international video contest from the Big History Project, an educational push by teachers, scholars and scientists that looks to answer big questions about the past, present and future. Another video addressing what it means to be human, by Talk Nerdy To Me, maintains that the ability to create and appreciate art is really what sets us apart from other species.

So what you do guys think? Is Gates spot-on with his take on humanity, or is he missing something basic about what it means to be human? Sound off in the comments below.

As a bonus, the video gives us this wonderful GIF of Bill Gates entering the digital revolution. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET