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Here's something interesting, a beta test for coffee

Tampa, Florida based Joffrey's Coffee and Tea appeals to the tech crowd and offers a "beta test" of their new coffee.

This post is straying a bit away from my typical posts on web services, but I saw this a little bit ago and just had to share. The Tampa, Florida based company, Joffrey's Coffee and Tea, is holding a "beta test" for their Jamaican Me Crazy brand of coffee. They are asking 10,000 bloggers to sign up and try their new coffee, for free, hopefully in exchange for buzz about their product.

The beta test page appeals to the tech crowd, by saying, "Using web software that is in perpetual beta, like Gmail? Frequently signing up to participate in beta tests for web apps? Currently beta testing software for a new startup company? Fueled by coffee? Us too and we think BETA testing is a whole lot of fun. That's why Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company is joining the party and offering a new kind of beta test open to all bloggers - only this time it's for Java."

While this doesn't directly relate to web services, this is an interesting exercise in trying to market a fairly non-techie product to the techies. So if you are a coffee loving blogger, sign up and at the very least, you'll get some free coffee and a link on their page out of the deal.

Thanks Mashable!