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Here's praying that Palm gives Apple a run for its money

Apple needs to respond to customers but, barring that, perhaps Palm's new Pre will prod Apple to innovate a bit faster.

I'm a big Apple fan, but I'll admit that I'm hoping that Palm's new Pre device, glowingly reviewed by Dan Lyons in Newsweek, will dent Apple's iPhone fortunes.

Not forever, mind you. I just want Apple to have to compete again. Like Microsoft with Office and Windows, Apple too often can take its fan base for granted now.

You don't agree? Consider some obvious features that Apple has stubbornly resisted including in its iPhone updates: copy-and-paste, ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, etc.

Some of this functionality I left behind when I dumped the Blackberry a year ago, but I always assumed Apple would get around to adding it, sooner rather than later.


Since Apple hasn't listened to its customers, perhaps it will listen to its competitors. Everything I've read about the Palm Pre suggests that it's an exceptional device, its primary fault being that Apple didn't create it. That's not going to be a compelling differentiator forever, however long it has buoyed the iPod against competitors.

For now, I'm sticking with my iPhone. But I'm hoping that enough people will buy the Pre to crimp Apple's style, forcing it to innovate a little faster. Just as Apple is pushing Microsoft to revisit desktop innovation, so, too, is it appropriate that Palm should give Apple some uncomfortable competition in mobile.