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Here's Megan Fox showing her Call of Duty during a 'Hangover'

The Call of Duty: Ghosts ad is released. Yes, boys will be boys and Megan Fox will put up with them -- at least for a moment.

So very calm under pressure. Call Of Duty/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When it was announced last week that Megan Fox would be in the new Call Of Duty: Ghosts ad, many reacted with a shudder of disbelief.

This would be the first time that a woman would star in a Call Of Duty ad. Could she possibly act better than Kobe Bryant?

I can put you at your ease. The ad has been released and I see no reason, after this, that the Lakers wouldn't sign Fox to play shooting guard.

In this bracing homage to "The Hangover," we see four boys going off to Vegas to do what boys do. Yes, shoot up what's left of the place.

Somehow, the forces of extreme morality have descended on the nation's capital of secrets and reduced it to mere skin and bones.

Vegas is under attack. Which means our boys must shoot on sight.

As they fight for their survival, we cut to La Fox. She is a sniper on the roof of some unnamed structure.

Despite the impending mayhem and doom, one of the clammy boys must make a move on her. Because that's what clammy boys do.

Fox, though, is an action hero. She shakes her head at these pathetic youths, driven, as they are, by testosterone -- rather than, say, intelligence or originality.

She takes her leave of the extravaganza an gives them seconds of her time, which is more than these callow fellows are worth.

But we must follow the boys through to the heroic conclusion, which inevitably includes a bazooka.

"There's a solider in all of us," says the caption.

Frankly, these boys are mere privates when compared with General Fox.