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Here's how to make mini 'rockets' out of tea bags

DIY guru DaveHax is back with another one fun but pointless project. Here, he makes miniature "rockets" out of nothing more than a standard tea bag. Remember, safety first.

Looking for something to do on yet another boring cold winter day? A new video from YouTube DIY guru DaveHax shows how to make miniature rockets out of standard tea bags.

OK, so they aren't technically rockets, just a fun way to put on a sort of miniature fireworks show in your house without having to step out into the cold or, you know, break any laws.

To prep the "rocket," cut the top part of the dry tea bag off and empty the contents so you're left with a paper tube. Then, stand the tube up on a table, making sure nothing that can catch fire is nearby, and use a long-reach lighter to light the top of the tube on fire. As the fire works its way down to the bottom of the tube, the pressure will send the hot ash rocketing up into the air.

These tiny rockets might not blow anything up -- not that you'd want them to when firing them in your house -- but they do create a fun little effect that'll keep you and your kids entertained for a few minutes. For the best effect, do this trick in a dark room or against a dark wall, and as with anything that involves fire, remember that safety always comes first.