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Here's how NASA astronauts are celebrating Thanksgiving in space

A short Thanksgiving video shows how US astronauts are celebrating the holiday aboard the International Space Station.

Who's ready for some vacuum-packed turkey?

US astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren are. In a video posted to the NASA Johnson Space Center YouTube page on Wednesday, the space travelers demonstrate how to prepare Thanksgiving dinner on the International Space Station.

The video shows how they go about rehydrating a small vacuum-sealed baggie of turkey tetrazzini using hot water from a machine aboard the ISS. Once the hot water has been added, they put the bag inside a metal briefcase-like container that essentially rehydrates the food to make it edible.

It might not look all that appetizing, but I'm sure our boys in space appreciate having some semblance of home when they're stuck 250 miles above Earth installing equipment and conducting experiments that help researchers study dark matter and cosmic rays.

Turkey is just one part of a festive meal the astronauts will enjoying on Thursday. They'll also have smoked turkey, cornbread stuffing, candied yams and several other holiday favorites, according to the video's description.

The Thanksgiving video is the latest in a line of holiday-themed celebrations from the ISS. Most recently, Kelly donned a scary mask and delivered a spooky message for Halloween, and previous commanders have celebrated the holiday season in grand fashion.

Here's hoping NASA has figured out a way to send a pumpkin pie to space, as I'm sure our NASA astronauts would enjoy having what is arguably the best Thanksgiving food out there.