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Here's how much the Galaxy Fold costs where you live

With tax, the phone's price tag tops $2,000.


Samsung's Galaxy Fold is coming soon. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung's Galaxy Fold phone was available for preorder Monday for people who managed to get a reservation.  

For the rest of us, the Galaxy Fold will be on display and available to buy in the US starting April 26 in select AT&T, T-Mobile, Best Buy and Samsung Experience stores. However, Samsung has warned that supplies of its first foldable device will be limited.

The phone starts at $1,980, but sales tax and other possible fees push the price tag to more than $2,000. We've estimated the cost plus tax in several US cities so you won't be surprised at checkout. (Editors' note: These are estimates. Actual costs may vary.)

  • New York: $2,155.72
  • San Francisco: $2,153.25
  • Los Angeles: $2,168.10
  • Chicago: $2,178.00
  • Houston: $2,143.35
  • Philadelphia: $2,138.40
  • Phoenix: $2,150.28
  • San Antonio: $2,113.65
  • San Diego: $2,153.25
  • Dallas: $2,143.35

The Fold has a 4.6-inch exterior display and it can open up to a full 7.3-inch screen. The app you had open on the small screen will also show up when you unfold the phone -- Samsung calls it app continuity. With the phone, you can use one app in full-screen mode, open up two apps vertically, or open a third panel. 

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