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Here we go again: more Palm Treo rumors

Here we go again: more Palm Treo rumors

Who's hungry for the latest dish of Treo rumors? Engadget Mobile is serving up some juicy morsels with information on what appears to be two new Treo models, code-named Treo Lennon and Treo Nitro (who makes up these code names?). The two models are shown on "an exclusive Cingular road map" for October release and seem to feature new form factors; the most notable difference is the absence of an external antenna. The Lennon is said to have integrated Wi-Fi, Class 10 EDGE and UMTS, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and Windows Mobile 5. Details on the Treo Nitro are sparse, but it's rumored to have a 1.3-megapixel camera and run Palm OS.

In other gossip circles, the Technology Evangelist (via is kicking up an intriguing idea: a merger between Research in Motion and Palm. Back in October, Palm announced a deal to bring the BlackBerry Connect software to the Palm Treo, and while the merger is all speculation at this point, it makes for an interesting read. Also, I have to wonder: what's the future of Palm and the Palm OS? Your thoughts?