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Here One earbuds, rival to AirPods, delayed until early 2017

Doppler Labs, maker of the wireless headphones, says it wants to ensure quality and performance are consistent. Preorders will start shipping in February.


The Here One charges in its case, like several other fully wireless sets of earbuds.

Doppler Labs

If you want to give your favorite gadget lover a pair of fancy wireless earbuds this holiday season, you'll have to cross another model off the list.

Last month, Apple delayed the launch of its $159 AirPods. Now, Here One wireless earbuds won't arrive before the end of the year, the company said Tuesday. Previously set to ship in November, preorders will now be begin shipping in February.

Doppler Labs, maker of the $300 Here One earbuds, said it wants to ensure quality and performance are consistent.

"For this reason, we've decided to do one final validation build of the product before starting mass production, which will now begin in January," a Doppler Labs spokeswoman said in a statement.

One feature that sets the Here One earbuds apart from its rivals: They have an active noise-cancellation function.