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Here it is: The official BOL baby-making mix tape

Announcing Buzz Out Loud's official mix, and our winning mix-tape story submission.

OK, everyone. We heard your suggestions for the best mix-tape songs, we pored over your mix-tape tales--the hilarious and the heart-breaking--and we chose one lucky winner to receive the very special iPod Shuffle, featuring our hand-picked selections. There are mix-tape classics, outrageously cheesy ballads, hopefully a few surprises, and some truly great songs. Oh, and baby-making jams. Brian Tong made sure of that.

The king of the mix.
The king of the mix.

Now, to the winning entry. Tim from New York sent in this mix-tape tale of woe (which I edited for spelling because, you know, that's just how I am):

Just thought I'd let you guys know about my horrific experience with a mix tape. So there's this girl I was into for a while so I figured, hey, why not make her a mix CD and see how she reacts. Of course, she was all like, "Oh, man, these songs are awesome!" so I thought, "YES, I'm in." But, to my dismay, after hanging out with her a few times nothing came of the situation. Little did I know, she was also hanging out with my best friend at the same time. They're now engaged. FML, right? All kidding aside, it's really no problem; I'm actually really happy for them both.


A couple of weeks ago we were cleaning out the buddy's car because he was getting a new Jeep. He had a bunch of old CDs thrown about his car and as we came across each one we would play them to see what was on them. I picked one up that had a custom label on it, the label having pictures of them and his name with a heart next to his name. I threw the CD in the dash and, to my astonishment, it was THE EXACT SAME CD I HAD MADE FOR HER. Just with a label on it now.

I know.

Sucks, huh.

Guess it was a good mix tape though?

Tim in New York

Oh, Tim. That's a sad, sad tale, and we hope this little Shuffle can make up for it. It's on the way. And as for the rest of you, here are our official song choices, in their most emotionally impactful (what, it's a word, right?) order, with links to preview and then buy. Enjoy!