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Here comes the sun; keep your dessert cool

The ThermaWare Cool & Carry features freezable gel inserts to keep picnic goodies nice and cool.

It's cool in here. Kitchen Krafts

Ah, the sun. Warm, friendly, and inviting; when a sunny day beams down upon us, we celebrate by flocking in droves to parks and beaches. No matter if you gravitate toward green grass or sandy shores, warm days always go better with food. Consider a picnic spread: fried chicken, salads, maybe some grill action going on. And then there is dessert. A nice big piece of cake...with melted icing. No longer must this scenario unfold in parks and coastlines across the land. If you're out enjoying the sun and need to keep your consumables cold, check out the ThermaWare Cool & Carry.

With a 13.75-inch diameter base and 6.5 inches of headroom, the carrier set is perfect for keeping cakes and pies cool and refreshing. Neatly concealed underneath the serving platter is a four-section base that includes four freezable gel packs. The plate snaps shut over the top, providing an attractive display. Locking handles complete the system, and the whole set serves as an excellent transportation device.

As much as we enjoy food with our outdoor fun, sometimes the actual eating has to wait. While you are out there having fun in the sun, rest assured, your delicious creation will be there waiting for you. Assuming, of course, that you remembered to bring it among all the other accessories that a sunny day seems to uncover. It seems as if there is always one thing that gets forgotten. At least if you leave this on the kitchen counter, you know it will still be good when you get back.