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Here Come The Apps

Here Come The Apps

The biggest drawback of the Palm Pre for me right now? There are very few

Ben Kessler

applications in the App Catalog since it has yet to open to third-party developers. However, word is that Palm is slowly starting to ask developers or were let in on the Mojo SDK beta to start submitting the finalized version of their apps. Let us all rejoice! PreThinking has a sneak peek at one of these very applications, Flickr Nearby.

So as apps are going to start to trickle in, I thought I'd make a list of some I'd really like to see on the Pre. Hit the jump to check them out!

1. TweetDeck or other full featured Twitter client that supports multiple accounts
2. Instapaper
3. Evernote
4. Yelp
5. Shazam
6. Tumblr
7. OpenTable
8. Simplify
9. Amazon Kindle
10. AirMouse

What apps would you like to see for the Palm Pre? Let me know in the comments!