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Here are the questions US states Google most (come on, Kansas)

"How to sext?" "How to be a ninja?" Not sure what's going on in some of the 50 nifty United States, but the questions they're coming up with are pretty funny.


There's no such thing as a stupid question. Or is there?

Some of us still remember the days before the internet, when we turned to libraries, encyclopedias and smart friends to answer our questions.

But now that we have Google and other search engines, we can get answers and laugh at the questions Americans are asking. And we can sort them by state, as in this blog post from national real estate search company Estately.

After looking at the map, not to mention the full list in the post, let's just say the states have different concerns.

Texas shows a disturbing satanic side, while Oregon's interests are as innocent as a bouquet of roses. New Mexico just wants some dating advice, while Oklahoma has a more R-rated take on relationships. Nevada has some concerns about the undead, while Delaware has a menacing question that should make neighbor Maryland start locking its doors.

But Florida and Kansas win the day for weirdness. Those in the Sunflower State appear to be unabashedly confused about where exactly they are, while the folks down in the Sunshine State seem to be planning a mass exit. (Tip: avoid Delaware.)