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Henry, the air purifier who looks kind of like a penguin

The latest in artsy air filters to keep your well-designed home clean.

Swizz Style

I suppose it's unofficially Modernist Monday here at Crave. Yes, I know that's not quite as thrilling as Party Friday, but you have to admit it's still kind of cool to learn about household items that resemble abstract art. With the surrealist power strip earlier this morning and now this wacky air filter, you certainly could say that we're on a bizarre-appliance kick.

A few weeks ago we looked at an air filter that resembles an iPod wrapped in wallpaper (in a good way), and now here's another one to add to the mix of haute purifiers. Meet Swizz Style's "Henry," who appears to be an incredibly complex air filter system encased in a sleek black exterior. It's slightly over four feet tall, and is available in both black and white versions. With a noise range of 18-26 decibels, it's pretty quiet. Henry also claims to be able to get rid of everything from unpleasant smells to soot to pollen and dust. And its appearance can only be described as...interesting. (No pricing information appears to be available quite yet.)

Personally, I think "Henry" looks like some kind of abstract depiction of a penguin. Then again, other Cravers would tell me that I'm biased in my pro-penguin sentiments. Even though I'm totally over that.

(Cool Hunting via MoCo Loco)