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Help Wolverine take on City Hall

Marvel's moody mutant Wolverine could get his own epic statue in the halls of government if fans have their way. Not that he's ever been fond of red tape.

This high-end Wolverine collectible would make a great template for the City Hall statue. Sideshow Collectibles

People have campaigned to raise money for giant statues to honor everyone from Steve Jobs to RoboCop, so why not a statue for Marvel superhero Wolverine?

Citizens of Edmonton, Alberta, are petitioning to erect a life-size statue of the Ol' Canucklehead at City Hall, metal claws and all -- though there's no word on whether the statue will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or look more like the traditional yellow-suited comic book character.

Considering that, according to his origin story, Wolverine aka Logan was born in Alberta, it makes sense that Canadians would want an epic way to celebrate him.

"I think it would make a lot of people really proud to live in Edmonton and raise morale to erect a life-size statue of this character in City Hall, or even perhaps Churchill Square or the Alberta Legislature Grounds," petition creator Jesse Seitz wrote. "It would also become an interesting tourist attraction for comic book fans visiting our city."

In the petition's call to action, Seitz asks that his fellow Canadians and Wolverine fans sign a letter to the Edmonton City Council and Mayor Don Iveson requesting a life-sized statue of Wolverine, whom he describes as "a Canadian and Albertan symbol of strength, perseverance in the face of tragedy, and overall heroics."

The petition has already earned almost 4,500 signatures toward its goal of 100,000 supporters. Here's hoping Wolverine fans get their way. After all, life-sized would only be 5'3", and no one's asking for the statue to be indestructible.

Every city hall could use a Hugh Jackman Wolverine statue. Sideshow Collectibles