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Help wanted: Microsoft

Ever since it came out a few weeks ago, news of MSN's plans to -- has been an understandably popular topic in the largely unpaid blog population. But those tempted to send in their resumes might first want to check out this story about hiring practices at the Redmond compound, which has also created a buzz in other parts of the blogging world. (Hint: If you're called in for an interview, don't forget to bone up for a possible pop quiz.)

Blog community response:

"I'm not sure why people think that MSN should seek out only people already blogging about the topics they're planning to cover. I mean God forbid they seek out new, fresh voices, right?"
--Worker Bees Blog

"They are searching a) passionate bloggers who should be b) experienced in the tools. And approach c) journalist through d) absolute classical recruiting sites. If you want such persons, you post those job offers into the blogs!"
--Useful Sounds

"I'm okay with tough interviews--in fact I like them that way--but Microsoft needs to act on these candidates right away. Assuming that everyone wants to work for Microsoft and that people are waiting around for them to make up their mind is no way to run a railroad."
--What To Fix

"Trick questions about manhole covers, brain-busters, scribbled math problems on whiteboards, 'if you are lucky you can work in our boiler room' attitudes... These things have no place in professional software development."
--Ian Stallings: weblog