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Help Smithsonian curate video game exhibit

D.C. museum wants the public's input on which titles should make it into exhibit highlighting video games as art. Untangle yourself from the Kinect and go chime in.

The Art of Video Games graphic
Games are organized into 5 eras, 20 gaming systems, and 4 genres. Smithsonian American Art Museum

There's been a heck of a lot of talk in recent years about whether video games should be considered art. But now that the Smithsonian American Art Museum is mounting an exhibit exploring the evolution of video games as an artistic medium, it could be officially game over for art snobs everywhere. Oh, and you get to help put the exhibit together, too!

Everything from old-school games to the current gen will be covered in "The Art of Video Games," which will feature video footage, interviews with developers old and new, and super-size screenshots that highlight striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers. A few playstations featuring the likes of Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, The Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and World of Warcraft will be set up to whet the palates of those poor souls who have never played a game.

Now here's where you discriminating gamers come in. Until April 7, the public is invited to vote online for games to be included in the exhibition, which is slated to run in Washington, D.C., from March 16 through September 30 of 2012. The pool of 240 titles spans 5 eras of video games over 40 years, 20 gaming systems, and 4 genres, with room for only one of each category to make the cut. Taking a peek at the worthy candidates, I spotted some prime USDA choices that I think deserve a vote, like Ikaruga and Flower, to name just a couple.

A valid e-mail address is the only requirement to vote, and once registered, you can vote for one game in each genre on each system, for a total of 80 votes. Even if it kills you to spend a few minutes away from shooting zombies in Black Ops, head over and register your vote in the name of art. We gamers respawn anyway.