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Help save your kids from technology

Manage the time your kids spend with TVs, PCs and games

If you don't have kids, this might seem like a waste of money. But many of us at Crave are the bearers of rug rats who, like most others of their ilk, would like nothing better than to watch TV or play video games until their eyeballs melt.

The new Bob

So we'll be giving serious consideration to purchasing the Bob, a time management device designed to help keep your offspring from contributing to the swelling ranks of childhood obesity. Many TV sets already have a sleep timer that will shut it off at a designated hour, but it's usually buried deep behind some remote button we're afraid to touch. The Bob seems a lot easier to work (and find), and Shiny Shiny says it can be used on computers and game consoles too.

The only drawback we can see is its name, which may forever have a negative connotation for any digital product, thanks to Microsoft.

(Photo: Hopscotch Technology)