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Help me find the best iPhone 3GS apps

On Road Trip 2009, CNET News' Daniel Terdiman is testing out Apple's latest iPhone and wants to know the best applications that specifically take advantage of its new features.

ARCO, Idaho--For almost a year, I've owned an iPhone 3G. I've done lots of things with it and loaded a lot of apps on it. But now, Apple has released the iPhone 3GS, and it's got new features--including a compass, voice commands, video recording, and auto-focus.

This iPhone 3GS has only one new app on it. I want to learn about the best apps that specifically take advantage of 3GS features. If you are the first one to suggest an app I try and keep, you win a prize. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Luckily for me, I'm on Road Trip 2009 and am testing a number of gadgets, including an iPhone 3GS that Apple lent me for my journeys through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado.

I've already downloaded Brushes, the amazing painting app that was used to draw the cover of a recent issue of The New Yorker. But that's all I've got. What I want are the best apps that specifically leverage the new features available only on the 3GS.

And so I'm asking: do you have a favorite? If so, let me know. Over the next few days, I'll be trying out a number of apps on this iPhone, and if you're the first one to suggest an app--paid or free--that I download and keep, I'll send a nice little gift your way.

Remember, I'm not interested in things for the iPhone in general. Well, I am, but in this case, I only want to know your thoughts on apps that have been designed with the 3GS in mind. They can, however, be apps that have updated features available only on the new phone.

If you'd like to send me an idea, please do so at daniel--dot--terdiman--at--cnet--dot--com by Monday, July 13, and include "iPhone 3GS app" in your subject line. If it's an app you designed, I may still try it, but you won't be eligible for a giveaway.

Please help me make the iPhone 3GS more interesting. I look forward to your suggestions.

For the next several weeks, Geek Gestalt will be on Road Trip 2009. After driving more than 12,000 miles in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and the Southeast over the last three years, I'll be writing about and photographing the best in technology, science, military, nature, aviation and more in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Colorado. If you have a suggestion for someplace to visit, drop me a line. And in the meantime, join the Road Trip 2009 Facebook page and follow my Twitter feed.