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Help CNET make music history (no instruments required)

Send us your best musical compositions created wholly using multitouch-based applications like GarageBand. We're producing a crowdsourced album!

Hello crowd; get ready to get creative! Wikipedia user Hkpolitik

Attention all GarageBand fans. We need your help creating what we think may be the world's first crowdsourced, fully multitouch-generated album. That's why we're putting out this call for submissions. Please send us your best original musical compositions, so long as they were created wholly using multitouch-based applications like GarageBand (it's OK to add your own vocals, if you dare).

We'll pick the best 10 compositions and songs for inclusion in our digital compilation, which we'll promote around our cubicles, and perhaps even on some sort of globally interconnected network of informational portals, or "sites." All musical genres are welcome.

Here's how to enter:

1. Get creative with GarageBand (or another multitouch music app).
2. Document the process of creating your composition in a video (so we can make sure you only used multitouch apps and didn't bring in a big band), and then let your musical work play in full at the end of the video. Videos should be no longer than roughly seven minutes in total.
3. Upload the video file to MediaFire for free and send the link to Be sure to include your name, location (city and state), and e-mail address.
4. Get them all in by April 30, 2011. Multiple entries are just fine.

We look forward to hearing your creations. Get tapping! And no "Stairway to Heaven" remixes please. We don't want any copyright lawyers after us.