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Hello Moto

Hello Moto

As the Motley Fool reported today, the Razr V3 has done wonders for Motorola over the past year. The hot handset sold about 5 million units in the second quarter, which helped boost the company's market share to 18.1 percent during the same period. Motorola is now the number two cell phone player behind Nokia, which no doubt has leaves Samsung and LG grumbling.

It seems like just recently Motorola was a still bit stodgy. Yet as the company has emphasized design, its image has grown much cooler. Sure, the Razr isn't perfect, but that hasn't stopped the slim mobile from appearing in more TV shows than Betty White. Just last weekend, it was featured on Queer as Folk and Six Feet Under. Motorola has also introduced a black Razr, a thin candy bar-style mobile called the Slvr, and the very sexy and aptly named Pebl. The phone getting the most buzz, however, is the Rokr, which is set to be the long-awaited iTunes mobile.