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Hello Kitty won't stop breeding

More gadgets inexplicably branded with the evil cat. Say hello to a "solar-powered" cell phone recharger and a Hello Kitty DJ Speaker.

Hello Kitty solar phone charger
Someone, please make it stop.

This cat has no shame.

She continues to haunt us with her incessant need to reproduce every consumer item in existence with her likeness on it. Our mistrust of the advancing Kitty empire on Crave is well-known, but we haven't brought it up in a while. Friends, it's time.

The cat is now trying to green-wash her cheap plastic empire, calling this solar-powered cell phone recharger "eco-friendly." Well now, throwing "solar-powered" into the description certainly sounds environmentally friendly. But wait. Apparently it's good for about 500 charges, then you're supposed to throw it away and buy a new one? That's sort of the opposite of eco-friendly.

Moving on, this next item is just inexplicable.

Hello Kitty DJ speakers MP3 player
Hello Kitty DJ speakers ThinkGeek

Say hello to the Hello Kitty DJ Speaker. Here our evil feline friend finds herself ensconced in a plastic case, outfitted with headphones and a set of turntables. This is supposed to hook up to your iPod, MP3 or CD player, and she'll bop along to the music. ThinkGeek is selling it for $25. But the worst part is it probably sounds exactly like a $25 speaker.

On a related note, the man who writes the blog might be our new hero. We can't believe we've never seen this site before, and if we didn't know better, we'd think it was run anonymously by Crave editor emeritus Mike Yamamoto.

Feel free to post links to the most egregious Hello Kitty paraphernalia you've ever come across in the comments.