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'Hello Kitty Robot' makes invasion official

$6,300 for a pseudo-parenting cat-bot.


As we've been warning for ages, we knew it would happen eventually--we just didn't know exactly how. But now the diabolical plan for world domination by the dreaded Hello Kitty is becoming frighteningly clear, and it makes perfect sense: as part of the robotic trend toward a human-free society in Japan, the homeland of creator Sanrio.

Yes, we're talking about the "Hello Kitty Robot." The 20.5-inch tall, 13.7-pound cat-bot, which is equipped with face and voice recognition, can move its head and appendages while "chatting with you in three different situations: 1. As a close friend; 2. With the family; 3. Guessing game," according to its product description. But Gizmodo noted the creepiest use of all, which apparently seizes on yet another disturbing trend, automated parenting: "This is a perfect robot for whoever does not have a lot time to stay with child. Hello Kitty Robo can help you to stay with your child to keep them from being lonely."

All of which may help explain its astronomical $6,300 price. (That's nothing compared with Manhattan nanny prices, after all.) For once, we might actually go shopping for a different Hello Kitty item: the survival kit.