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Hello Kitty Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z85: Seriously, WTF

Hello Kitty and Swarovski have once again united to visit terrible vengeance upon some poor unfortunate gadget. This time it's the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z85 that has been hideously deformed

My eyes! My eyes! It burns! Oh Lord, it burns! The axis of evil that is Hello Kitty and Swarovski has struck again, wreaking havok on yet another perfectly serviceable gadget. Today's unfortunate victim is the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z85 compact camera.

Hello Kitty Casio Z85

The Z85 is a 9-megapixel snapper with a 66mm (2.6-inch) screen that, frankly, doesn't deserve this kind of humiliation. As if the glittering stick-on sequins around the lens ring aren't enough, there's a bunch of gravel-coloured stars splattered about the place, and a Hello Kitty face that resolves itself out of nowhere like a Magic Eye picture, those blank, shark-like Kitty eyes boring straight into your soul as if divining the exact cash value of your very being...

The Hello Kitty Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z85 is available from geekstuff4u for ¥56,700 (£380). But please don't encourage them.