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Hello again!; "Vacation News & Update" page posted

Hello again!; "Vacation News & Update" page posted

I'm back from vacation, nicely rested but already feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the catching up I need to do.

I have created a Vacation News & Update page covering the most notable MacFixIt-relevant news and information that occurred during my absence. Regular readers of other Mac web sites may already know much of this stuff, but I decided it was still useful to do, if only to have it available in the Archives. Late-Breaker postings should be back to their normal pace by next week.

By the way, my vacation was in Washington state - home of Microsoft. It was interesting to see newspaper front page headlines such as "Life in Microsoft's circle of prosperity," detailing the trials and difficulties of being a billionaire or (even worse) a paltry millionaire Microsoft employee living in the "cluster of suburbs east of Lake Washington."

Finally, for those of you who sent me email during the vacation, thanks for your input. I hope you understand if you do not get a personal reply.