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Helio opening retail stores

Helio opening retail stores

It looks like Nokia and Motorola aren't the only ones opening promotional retail locations to sell their products. Helio, that hip new "don't call it a phone company" MVNO will open its first flagship store in Santa Monica, California, come October with a few more opening in San Diego; Palo Alto, California; Denver; and New York later on. From what we could tell from the concept art, the stores' spa-like aesthetic mirrors the modern stylings of the Helio brand. The company wants to draw young customers to the store by adding unique entertainment and interactive elements, such as a lounge where they can check their MySpace accounts. It even aims to cut out the concept of a queue altogether by having customers browse and purchase their phones in a self-contained pod. It all sounds terribly ambitious for such a new company, but we're definitely intrigued.

Source: Slashgear