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Helio Ocean may be days away

A few vendors said the Helio Ocean may launch as soon as May 12.

You will be mine soon.

I don't know about you, but I'm more excited about the Helio Ocean than Apple's iPhone. Call me a heretic if you must, but I like a phone that has a QWERTY keyboard and 3G support but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. So, I was stoked to see a rumor that the Ocean will be launched as early as May 21.

The Boy Genius Report said the Ocean will be in "general release on May 21" and "limited/internal/partner release is five to eight (days?) prior." I called Helio, and it stuck to its "spring 2007" timetable, but a few vendors were more candid.

A local Gamestop said it would have the Ocean "possibly at the end of the week, and definitely by the start of next week." A clerk at EB Games actually checked the computer and said it would have the device in May 12, for $294.99. (Remember though, you'll have to switch to Helio's services to use this phone.)

Any way you slice it, this feature-packed dual slider will be available soon, and be sure to keep a lookout for our full review. And in the meantime, check out our first take of the Ocean to read our initial thoughts and see more pictures.