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Helio Mysto: Jam-packed with high-end features

The Helio Mysto is reviewed, plus we post the slideshow.

Helio Mysto
Helio Mysto Corinne Schulz/CNET Networks

The Helio Mysto was officially launched last week, and we finally have the full review of this skinny replacement to the Helio Drift. The design is not too different from the Samsung U600--you get the same gorgeous display and the same slim design as the GSM version of the Mysto. The key difference seems to be in two places: On the Mysto, the placement of the End/Power key is shifted to the side, and the microSD card slot is located behind the battery cover instead of the spine. But its feature set is where the Mysto truly shines; this slim Helio slider is jam-packed with high-end features like EV-DO, built-in GPS, a 2.0-megapixel camera, a full HTML browser, a robust messaging system that includes access to POP, IMAP, and Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync, and much more. It also features Helio's one-click search that lets you get immediate search results from Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Yelp, simply by entering a single search term from the one-click interface. Overall, we were pleased with the Mysto--sure we could've done without some of the design quirks, but its features make up for them. Check out our review of the Helio Mysto to get the full scoop, and browse through our slide show for a closer look.