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Helio debuts Unlimited plan at $99 a month

Helio introduces a $99 a month unlimited plan.

Helio offers Unlimited plan for $99 a month.
Helio offers Unlimited plan for $99 a month. Helio

Helio has just introduced a killer deal: For only $99 a month, you can get unlimited everything. That includes daytime minutes, nights and weekends, text and multimedia messaging, Web and e-mail with 3G, GPS, and a whole lot more. So if you're a heavy mobile user and you happen to be a Helio fan, this is definitely a sweet deal. The only downside seems to be the lack of Bluetooth tethering (the ability to use your phone as a modem), but that's a small price to pay. However, this seems to be a "limited time" sort of thing, so if you want in on this deal, you should sign up pronto.

(Source: Engadget Mobile)