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Helicopter tangles with cow. Cow wins

A helicopter pilot in Australia ends up in a scary situation after a close encounter with a cow.

All that remains of the helicopter.

Coen Police Station

Australia is dotted with cattle ranges that cover vast distances. You can't just slap a cowboy on a horse and herd all those cows, so many ranchers use mustering helicopters to act as giant cowpokes in the sky. A Robinson R22 Beta chopper got a little too close to one of its subjects on Sunday and ended up in a burned heap on the ground.

Rounding up cattle by helicopter can be a dangerous affair. Australian news is littered with stories of devastating crashes.

According to the Coen Police in Queensland, as reported by Mashable,
the helicopter in Sunday's incident crashed after getting one of its rails tangled in a cow's horns. It lost balance, hit the ground and caught fire. The pilot walked away without any injuries, but the fire department had to put out the flaming mess of machinery.

An image of the cow-encounter aftermath shows the helicopter's toasted remains on a dirt road. You might be wondering what happened to the tough-as-leather, copter-killing cow. "The cow escaped becoming roast beef and lived to roam another day," the police noted in a report on the incident.