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'Height' speakers elevate surround sound

Dolby Pro Logic IIz produces dedicated height surround channels, and Atlantic Technology has just the right speaker for the job!

Atlantic Technology's new 1400 SR-z speaker was designed with Dolby's Pro Logic IIz "height" surround processor in mind

The new speaker's compact size and shallow profile allow it to be unobtrusively mounted high on the wall above the system's front left and right main speakers. The 1400 SR-z sells for $425/pair MSRP.

Atlantic Technology

The company claims that the 1400 SR-z's "voicing" and timbre will match all of Atlantic Technology's speaker systems.

Each 1400 SR-z uses a pair of 3.5-inch full-range polymer-treated cone drivers. The wedge-shaped speaker disperses sound laterally and allows the user to select dipole or bipole operation to deliver an enveloping surround soundfield. The speaker measures 12.25 x 8 x 5.375 inches, weighs 7 pounds, and comes in an attractive satin black finish.

The 1400 SR-z will be available in May 2009.