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Heavy lightens up as Husky Media spins off

Men-focused online media company will continue to operate the Husky ad technology, but it will be a separate entity.

Heavy, a niche video content company focused on the "dude" demographic, is slimming down.

The company said Wednesday it will spin off Husky Media, its video advertising platform, into a separate company. It'll remain under Heavy's oversight alongside the portal, but will be run by a different team.

Husky Media operates a technology called Video-Skin, which lets bloggers and other publishers "wrap" any video player in Husky ads and then pull in revenue. Husky also runs a Video Guide that offers publishers a library of video content in exchange for splitting ad profits.

Also on Wednesday, Heavy announced that its Burly Sports Show program will be syndicated on, with ads served by the Husky platform.

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