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Heaven in a clamshell: PQI mPack P600

In the bleak midwinter, tiny mPack speakers made moan, mPack chassis stood hard as iron... video player technology had fallen, tech on tech, tech on tech, in the bleak midwinter, about five minutes ago

T'was two nights before Christmas and all through CNET,
Not a writer was stirring, not even to vet,
The products from vendors dispatched through the door,
Would mPack P600 be cruelly ignored?

The Crave goblin was nestled all snug in its bed,
But visions of portable media players danced in its head,
It awoke with a start and jabbed with its horns,
"Yo writers!", it screamed, "get up and perform!"

The writers did drunkenly stumble and sway,
Unwrapping the mPack and making it play,
A selection of movies designed to unmask,
Whether this player was up to the task.

Watching a music video did seem to delight,
The mPack's liquid crystal display was pleasantly bright,
"So what do you think?", the Crave goblin boomed,
"It's good", squeaked the writers, "expect full review soon" --CS