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Heatwave 2019: It's hot and Twitter is losing its cool

It's just hot, ok.

June Heatwave In Herefordshire

It's like an oven out there.

Barcroft Media/Getty Images

A massive heatwave on the East Coast and Midwest is expected to send temperatures well into the 100s this weekend and Twitter is a bit steamed. Folks in the US started tweeting on Friday from around the country about the oppressive heat. It seems like no one can really comprehend that it's as hot as it is.

Tensions can run high when the weather heats up.

People are already coming up with creative ways to beat the heat. 

 Even animals are trying to cool down. 

And we can't forget to give credit where credit is due. 

But it's still so freaking hot. 

Weather services and governments are taking it seriously, too. New York canceled its City Triathlon on Friday. The temperatures have claimed four lives so far. All jokes aside, there is a lot of helpful information from authorities who want to keep you safe in the heatwave. Take precautions if you or your pets are going to be outside. 

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