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Hear Zeppelin, on a Zeppelin

Got a spare thousand clams, an iPod and a penchant for dirigibles? Well then, B&W's Zeppelin was made for you.

We've seen tubular, rectangular and spherical iPod speaker docks, but this is the first time we've encountered a speaker in the shape of a rigid dirigible.

Everyone loves a dirigible

The Zeppelin -- created by high-end British speaker company Bowers & Wilkins -- makes its Australian debut on April 14. Retailing for a slightly shocking AU$999.95, it weighs in at 7.5 kilos and resembles the Hindenburg, in its pre-inferno incarnation.

Underneath the black speaker cloth is an assemblage of drive units: one 125mm (5-inch) bass, two 90mm (3.5-inch) midranges and a pair of 25mm (1-inch) metal dome tweeters. That adds up to 50 watts of bass output and 50 watts of tweeter/midrange goodness.

The design of the dock connection is quite nifty; instead of being a rigid dock that traps your iPod between the speakers, the Zeppelin has a spring-loaded arm that allows you to hold the player when it's plugged in.

In addition to the dock, the B&W behemoth offers a 3.5mm analog/optical input for listening to tunes from other audio devices. S-Video and composite video outputs allow you to hook the Zeppelin up to your telly.

Fancy this football-shaped funkatron? If you've got a spare thousand clams you can pick one up from Apple's online store, David Jones or through authorised B&W resellers. Swing by the e-hifi Web site to find a local retailer.