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Heads up, MacBook Air retailer stock low

Stock of the MacBook Air is low at Best Buy, possibly indicating that a model refresh is on the way soon.

As of Sunday night, all 2010 model MacBook Airs have become unavailable for shipping on Best Buy's site, sometimes an indication of an imminent Apple model update, according to Mac enthusiast site 9to5Mac.

Indeed, a quick peek at the Best Buy site shows the models that were refreshed in October of last year--four models in all--are "not available for shipping". (The only MBA that is listed as available is, oddly enough, an old model announced way back in October of 2008. So, it is not in line to be updated anyway.)

Low stock of multiple models is "usually indicative of a product refresh...Additionally, a number of stores have indicated to us that they are exceptionally low on MacBook Air stock," wrote 9to5Mac. is showing no availability for all 2010 MacBook Air models. is showing no availability for all 2010 MacBook Air models. Best Buy

As widely--and frequently--reported, the MacBook Air is expected to be upgraded to Intel's speedy Sandy Bridge processor. It also expected to get a Thunderbolt connector. This would put it on par with the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which has already received both of those updates, as have larger MacBooks.

Most reports and indicators point toward a July update from Apple, along with OS X Lion. That said, there are still a few days left in June. We won't know for sure until the MBAs pop up on Apple's online store. Go ahead, hold your breath, if you can.