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Headphone deal: V-Moda Crossfade Wireless for $180

V-Moda is discounting its original over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone by $120 for a limited time.

V-Moda makes some really solid headphones -- both in terms of build and sound quality -- and it's running a sale on its first-generation Crossfade Wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphone. It lists for $300 but you can pick it up for $180 or £180 on Amazon for a limited time, or directly from V-Moda. (V-Moda does ship internationally and $180 converts to AU$235.)

This model came out in late 2015 and comes in a few different color options, with removable shields on the earcups that can be swapped out for new shields that you purchase separately.

I gave high marks to the Crossfade Wireless when I reviewed it. V-Moda made some small improvements to last year's Crossfade Wireless 2, which I rated even higher (its earpads are better). That model starts at $330 or £280.