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Headhunting 2.0: NotchUp

Avoid annoying phone calls from recruiters--tell companies at what price you'll take a job pitch.

PALM DESERT, Calif.--NotchUp wants to pay people to take job interviews.

In lieu of job boards and nagging phone calls from recruitment agencies, those in the market for a job or career change can put a price tag on their availability to talk to prospective employers. The company is making its official debut at Demo 2008 on Tuesday.


NotchUpmembership is currently invitation only or by application. It works like this: Companies looking for employees can offer a meeting price to a candidate, typically between $300 and $600. Candidates are pre-screened by NotchUp to ensure they are serious about taking the meeting--and not just using the service as an extra source of income. Once a price is agreed upon, NotchUp puts the two parties in contact to arrange the meeting. If the candidate follows through on the meeting, he or she gets paid.