Headed toward France?

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Access to Tom Ridge or bust":

You are absolutely right about the distain that the politicians feel toward the cybersecurity end of our world.

However, it doesn?t stop there. Our representatives (of both parties) treat all technology and technologists as totally unimportant. Oil prices are at historic highs, and techies can dramatically cut our usage of oil, but no one cares! We?d rather sacrifice our jobs and soldiers rather than invest in lighter vehicles or ?alternate energy."

By 2010, the Chinese will be lauded as the new economic leaders, because they are staring down on us from the moon. And no one cares that NASA has taken the most significant step in human exploration, replaced the engineers with politicians and dropped us back to using Soyuz modules to get Americans to a Space Station we pioneered. We let the lawyers and flacks kill our Internet miracle to the point where we soon will rank 10th in the world in Internet connections. We let our aircraft industry dwindle to one firm that concentrates on lobbying and sales while the upstart competition both out-engineers and outsells the major airliners.

Remember that at the beginning of the last century, France was the technological (and therefore) political leader? There?s a reason French used to be called the ?diplomatic language?. A hundred years later, the country has diminished technology and is, well, France. We are inexorably headed down the same slope. I hope we can end up with a land that is as beautiful and full of history.

Tom Mariner
Bayport, N.Y.