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Headbanger app Tiny Riot sucks up your anger

Tiny Riot for iOS was designed to help ease frustrations in Japan following the March earthquake. But you can get this rumble on anywhere to de-stress.

Tiny Riot

Frustrated enough to blow up? There's an apuri (app) for that from Japan.

Even before the March 3 earthquake, Japanese youth were a frustrated, volatile lot. I used to toil at the coalface of daily news in Japan, and I could tell you tales that would curdle your blood.

The massive devastation wrought by tsunamis, as well as the radioactive fallout from the leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, haven't helped matters in Japan's orderly but often repressed populace.

Enter Tiny Riot, a handheld mosh pit for iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS or 4, and iPad that promises to relax kids of all ages with screeching guitars and headbanging. Check out the vid below.

Priced at 85 yen ($1), Tiny Riot was created "as a release for our frustration with the uncertainty of post 3.11 Japan," its young developers say. But you can get your headbanging freak on anywhere.

Just shake your device and let the drums, feedback, and screams transport you to Nirvana. You may want to move around a bit to help you get there.

It also records a video of your tantrums, like this, to share with your social-media pals.

All you need is a stage to dive from.