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Head to this bar to clear the air

No, not that kind of bar--this one's for personal oxygen.

O2 Innovations

Allergy season has already arrived in many places, as you might have sensed from the preponderance of red-eyed colleagues even before St. Patrick's Day arrived. And the onslaught of killer pollen might leave many wishing that they had their own oxygen supply.

O2 Innovations, however, is making this purported state of bliss a bit more accessible with the "O2B," which Chip Chick describes as a portable oxygen bar. The device still isn't cheap at $659 on Amazon, but that's still nearly half the cost of the "O2hi Personal Oxygen Machine" we saw last year.

The O2B, which bears the oh-so-California tagline of "Oxygen Is Beautiful," comes with its own headset, 12 mouthpiece filters, and 5 nose hoses, which we hope aren't as uncomfortable as they sound. But if they really want to distance their product from the pack, we'd recommend a mask so customers can do their best Dennis Hopper impersonations from Blue Velvet.