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Head of Voodoo hints at possible new Voodoo-HP laptop

Cutting the cake with a MacBook Air

Longtime custom PC maker Rahul Sood has a clever way hinting at a new laptop. The Voodoo PC founder, now the chief technology officer of HP's Global Gaming Business, celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake--using a MacBook Air as a knife.

This could very well be a reference to the slicing and dicing storiesabout the MacBook Air we saw last week, but he also throws in a teaser hint about possible upcoming projects from HP-Voodoo that may lean more toward the MacBook Air model than hardcore gaming.

On his personal blog, Sood blames the cake-cutting stunt on, "a combination of some fantastic wine, constant ribbing from my friends, and a hand rolled cigar," but mysteriously adds, "Ahh well, I wouldn't be needing this notebook for long anyways... :) Stay tuned for more..."