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This head-banging tortoise is your new heavy-metal hero

Are you ready to rock? This tortoise is. A fitting soundtrack turns an already fun GoPro video into an epic head-banging session.

You may have heard the term "Nature is metal" to describe hard-core activities of the natural world like killer whales chowing down on a shark or a brown snake munching a python. GoPro-wielding videographer Anthony Chacour captured footage of a tortoise emerging from a den and nodding its head. Chacour decided a face-melting heavy-metal tune would make the perfect soundtrack.

The video starts off like a nature documentary, with birds tweeting sweetly in the background as the tortoise sticks its head out of a sandy hole. Cue the rock music. The turtle pops out and even appears to sing along to the unintelligible lyrics. "Planet Earth II" this is not.

The tortoise isn't actually an Iron Maiden fan. It seems to just be curious about the camera while displaying head-bobbing behavior, which could be a sign of amorous intentions.

The video is an official selection of the GoPro Awards, which bestows money to GoPro-using content creators. GoPro posted it to YouTube on Sunday.