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HDV Walkman for newsies

Sony HD Video Walkman hides high tech beneath old-school looks.


Sony has released the "world's first HD Video Walkman with pro features" for viewing and recording HDV and DV tapes.

Engadget is right in saying that the GV-HD700 isn't the most attractive device. (It looks like it should be sitting next to an Intellivision.) But, you have to keep in mind that it's not really meant for the iPod crowd.

The HD Video Walkman is actually meant as a handy device for news producers who may want to check footage without having to come in from the field. It can record and play back HDV 1080i, as well as regular DV (SP/LP) tapes, and has USB, video and audio inputs, outputs and ports for hooking up to a high-def camcorder.

The Sony GV-HD700 HD Video Walkman is expected to release this September in Europe. Sony has not yet announced pricing.