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HDMI without the wires at CES

Wireless video will be big at CES, and here's how an Israel-Japan alliance will tackle it.

1080p on WHDI? If you are a normal human, you'd say spit the Chicklets out and then talk to me. But to home theater fanatics, it's a big deal.

Michael Kanellos

WHDI is the wireless form of the high-speed networking HDMI standard and it's capable of delivering uncompressed high definition video streams, according to Amimon, the Israeli company that has created WHDI chips. To be exact, Amimon says WHDI can deliver the equivalent of 3 gigabits per second without wires. That's a lot of data, but no, it probably won't sterilize pets or cause hair loss.

You see HDMI on a lot of digital TVs. That's an HDMI 1.3 cable in the picture. So imagine the same picture with just a hand.

At CES, Amimon and Sanyo will demonstrate a Sanyo projector streaming HD images. Sanyo will come out with projectors incorporating the HDMI standard likely in the second half of the year, according to a Amimon.